So, Warner Brothers wants to be a dad, but with a much, much cooler name than something like "Dads." The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the company has picked up a fatherific, "raunchy R-rated comedy" spec called Stallions. One that is, surprisingly, from reality TV producers Steve Sobel and Alan Wieder. At the moment, I'm imaging a slow-mo walking sequence of a bunch of disillusioned, weathered men carrying babies that are resting on the top of their new, burgeoning beer gut -- like an older version of that "All the Young Dudes" scene in Clueless. Unfortunately, that's as far as the punch seems to go.

The flick will focus on four old friends. Three of the guys are saddled with babies, and they "struggle with the pressures of being a modern dad: lack of sex, annoying in-laws, changes of lifestyle and identity." The remaining friend is, what a surprise, the eternal womanizing bachelor. The big shock comes when this guy becomes the one totally into babies. Gasp! Will the single dude become a male nanny? Will there be that soft moment when he passionately chastises his friends for complaining about their fortune, thereby teaching them a valuable lesson? I don't know. I just hope that the execution is less cliched.
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