Tomasina is forty years old, she's unmarried, and she wants a kid. She was pregnant once, years ago, but she had an abortion. Now, she doesn't want a man, she just wants a little bundle of cuteness that she can call her own -- someone to spend their life with her. Once she makes this decision, she sees men as "walking spermatoza," and schemes to inseminate herself with the sperm of a married friend. As do we all. Anyhow, this is the plot of Baster, the latest story to get a feature adaptation.

Variety is reporting that Josh Gordon and Will Speck, the pair behind Blades of Glory, are in final negotiations to direct the film, which is based on the short story by Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides). Allan Loeb (Made of Honor) penned the screenplay, and Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, of Little Miss Sunshine fame, are producing the feature. Speck says: "We were so attracted to this project because of Allen's script. Because he works in every genre -- comedy, drama -- he really understands character arcs." Does this mean we will be getting both a funny and serious look at semen and turkey basters? While I'd pay to see that, I'm thinking this'll be more on the Blades of Glory level of cinema. How about you? Are you up for a rousing flick of baby madness and sperm basting?

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