Director Darren Aronofsky's last project, The Fountain, had to shut down production once Brad Pitt dropped out. Thankfully, Aronofsky managed to resurrect the film on half the budget, and enticed Hugh Jackman to fill Pitt's shoes. And it's funny sometimes the way things work out -- because, now, on Aronofsky's next film, The Fighter, he once again found himself in a spot where an actor had to depart due to a busy schedule. That actor is Matt Damon. And who is his replacement? Brad Pitt. It's almost laughable -- the way it all came full circle -- but it's also an excellent addition to the film. In my opinion, Pitt and Damon are two of the best actors working today; swapping one out for the other is a non-issue as I'm sure both are capable of handling this sort of content.

According to Variety, The Fighter, which now finds Pitt co-starring alongside Mark Wahlberg, follows the life of boxer Irish Mickey Ward. Pitt will play Mickey's half-brother Dicky (not making that up, folks); a fighter himself, who once fought folks like Sugar Ray Leonard, but later found himself lost in a life of crime, shacked up in prison. From there, Dicky turns his life around, and helps teach his underperforming brother how to become a champion. And so it goes -- uplifting, heroic, the whole nine. Pitt will most likely shoot the film once he's done starring in State of Play opposite Edward Norton for Universal. For fans of Aronofsky who were dying to see him pair up with the likes of Pitt, hopefully your time has finally come. That is, unless Pitt doesn't ditch this project too. Fingers crossed.

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