I had the opportunity to watch a number of the shorts that will be screening at Fantastic Fest over the next week. Fantastic Fest doesn't hold shorts-only screenings; instead, short films are shown before most features. I tend to prefer it that way. Pairing shorts with features gives the impression of a bonus for your money, a little extra treat. Plus, I don't like watching too many shorts back-to-back -- I want to give individual short films the space and time they deserve.

I couldn't watch and review every single short (or feature, for that matter) playing at the festival this year -- there are too many and I haven't yet figured out how to clone myself for film festivals. For competition purposes, the short films at Fantastic Fest are grouped into three categories: animation, horror, and "fantastic shorts," which includes sf/fantasy/thrillers or anything else not covered in the other two categories. I tried to sample a few shorts from each category.
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