No, this isn't a gang of names from Hollywood, but the production company Hollywood Gang Prods. that has just signed a deal to remake the 1978 classic, The Wild Geese, which they might bring to Warner Brothers. The idea comes from a conversation between HGP producer Gianni Nunnari, and commercial director Rupert Sanders, who will helm the remake. They both see the original as a favorite film, and now want to remake it since, you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sanders says: "It has it all: great characters, action, plot twists and revenge. We are making a tough film, taking ex-British soldiers from the murky London underworld to the battlefields of Africa."

The original, based on an initially unpublished book by Daniel Carney called The Thin White Line, stars Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, and Hardy Krüger as aging mercenaries who travel to Africa to rescue the former leader of an African country who is about to be executed by the guy who overthrew him. Their raid is a success, but then they are double-crossed and are ready to get their revenge. This could be a fun flick if they get corral some tough, older actors. Personally, I'm thinking about guys like Elias Koteas and maybe Daniel Craig (they had a Bond in the original, after all). Who would you pick?
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