It's only the opening day of Fantastic Fest and already we have a pair of acquisitions to announce! Looks like Magnet Releasing, which is the new "genre arm" of Magnolia Pictures, has purchased the North American rights to Kiltro and Mirageman. Both action flicks hail from Chile, and they mark the arrival of stuntman-turned-hero Marko "The Latin Dragon" Zaror. Both movies will be playing (twice!) during Fantastic Fest, so if you're dying to see what sort of action mayhem pours out of Chile, you might want to book a quick trip to Austin.

"I've never seen anyone with Marko's power and size exhibit such agility and acrobatic skill. He's amazing to watch," said Magnet's Tom Quinn. "I haven't been this excited about an action star since the first time I saw Tony Jaa in Ong Bak." "Marko's talent and skill is unmatched," said producer Derek Rundell. "At 6'2", 210 pounds, it's magic to watch him move with such speed, power and style. We're thrilled about working with Magnet and introducing him to American audiences." Zaror's biggest gig so far was acting as The Rock's stunt double in The Rundown -- but if the guy's skilled enough to anchor two whole movies in his native land, then obviously he's got some skills.

And if Tom Quinn is comparing Zaror favorably to Tony Jaa, then I officially can't wait to see these movies.

Source: Magnolia press release
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