Above, you'll find the first three minutes of Richard Shepard's (The Matador) new film The Hunting Party, starring Richard Gere, Terrence Howard and young Jesse Eisenberg. In the flick, Gere plays a journalist who teams up with his old cameraman (Howard) and a TV exec's son (Eisenberg) to hunt down an infamous war criminal named The Fox -- who also happens to have a $5 million bounty on his head. In his review of the film, our own Jeffrey M. Anderson said The Hunting Party "wants to know why the U.S. has been unable to find certain outlaws, when just about any civilian with a passport, the price of a drink and a line of B.S. can do it. But instead of grousing or hand wringing, it becomes a spry, surprising and intelligent comedy." Personally, I loved Shepard's last flick, The Matador, and based on these first three minutes, it looks like the guy has finally found his groove, his style, and, along with the right scripts, some fantastic actors. Additionally, you can also listen to James' interview with Shepard here. The Hunting Party is now in theaters.