Resident Evil: Extinction UnscriptedBe sure to catch Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in Moviefone's Resident Evil: ExtinctionUnscripted interview, especially if you want to find out the super power that's going to get Jovovich into Heroes. Hint: It incorporates her current pregnancy in very special ways.

Gone Baby GoneBut Unscripted has a way of mixing things up, and this time is no different, because we at Moviefone just booked Ben Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck. "What's up with that?" you ask ... Long story short, Ben is making his directing debut with Gone, Baby, Gone, a crime drama about the search for a missing girl. We're searching for some missing Unscripted questions, so loosen those canons and let some fly. The Affleck brothers would be much obliged, we're sure.

To the uninitiated among you, Unscripted is Moviefone's star-on-star video Q&A show in which celebrities interview each other with your questions and some of their own. So stop stalking and start asking, and please provide your first name plus the city and state you live in! Submit your questions here, on the blog post, or send them to brought to you by Verizon Wireless.