I can only imagine what's coming out of Vince Vaughn's mouth as he big-wheels it around Santa's crib. I don't think I've ever seen the man that giddy before. Tis' the season, I suppose. Warner Bros. has provided Cinematical with another one-sheet for Fred Claus (click on the poster for a larger image), a film that's sure to make your naughty and nice list once it arrives in theaters on November 9 (which reminds me -- should I be shopping for Christmas presents yet?). He's already crashed weddings, so it's only fitting that Vince Vaughn crashes the North Pole -- and in the film, he plays Santa's (Paul Giamatti) bitter, annoying older brother who's forced to shack up with the jolly fat man and turn his life into a living hell (only it's cold, because they're up north). But that's what family's for, right? Santa may be 'money,' but it might not seem that way when bro is all up in his business ... and his big-wheels. David Dobkin(Wedding Crashers) directs a cast that also stars Miranda Richardson, Kevin Spacey, Elizabeth Banks, Kathy Bates, Rachel Weisz and Ludacris (as an angry elf). Will Christmas ever be the same again?