What I really love about big fests, especially Toronto, is the big, purchasing aftermath. Throughout the year, we hear about all those mainstream flicks that get bought and made, with a smattering of indie news here and there. But fest time -- then the deals get made and we get a chance to see not only the amazing low-budget work out there, but also the superb work happening overseas. Two new films have recently nabbed North American distribution, and we won't have long to wait -- each comes out this fall.

First up is Áron Gauder'sThe District!, which was actually made way back in 2004, and has traveled the fest circuit since, from Karlovy Vary to Transilvania, the other 'TIFF.' It's an animated, adult, musical satire that Seattle called "an Eastern European South Park." (The film is Hungarian.) indieWIRE has reported that Atopia Distribution picked up the North American rights, and plans to distribute the flick across North America next month in Seattle, Austin, Boston, Toronto, and Montreal. (I'm not sure why the biggies of New York and LA aren't on the list.) After its theatrical run, it will finally hit DVD on December 4.

Next up is Sandhya Suri'sI for India, which indieWIRE notes that First Run/Icarus Films has nabbed. The documentary details the filmmaker's story about her parents leaving their Indian home in 1965. Her father, a doctor, was part of the "brain drain" to England. To keep in touch with family back in India, and vice versa, two Super 8 cameras were bought, and the family kept in touch through movies. Suri took the 40 years of footage, and edited it into one film. Hopefully distribution will increase in the coming months, but right now, the only plan is to debut it on November 14 at the Pioneer Theater in New York.
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