Having just 'wrapped up' Pirates of the Caribbean (Is it really the end, or will we be inundated with extra sequels?), Jerry Bruckheimer has lined up his next action flick. This time, it's free of the roaring "Yarr!" of swashbucklers, and instead, will deal with a sea of bullets. Variety has reported that Walt Disney Co. has picked up Jonathan Hensleigh's action pitch, Nine Lives, for him to pen and Bruckheimer to produce. Hensleigh has a few directorial stints under his belt, including The Punisher, but he is most known for his screenwriting -- he's the pen behind Die Hard: With a Vengeance and Jumanji.

That's not all. Hensleigh has a long history with Bruckheimer -- he was an executive producer on Con Air, Armageddon, and Gone in Sixty Seconds, he wrote Armageddon along with J. J. Abrams, and he also rewrote the script for The Rock, although he was never officially credited. Considering the success of these films, I'd be very surprised if this drama, about a Manhattan detective called 'Nine Lives' who survives a slew of shootings while on duty, doesn't pack a punch at the box office and rake in the cash. He had originally sold the project to Disney years ago, when he was interviewing for a writing job with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but this deal, at $1.75 million, is just a bit sweeter. I wonder if other writers out there will start dusting off their old, forgotten scripts?

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