When we usually hear about motherly involvement in Hollywood, it's of the dysfunctional variety. During LiLo's big bust and drug kerfuffle, mom Dina was raked over the coals, just as much as Lindsay was, for her bad parenting. It's pretty sad that it's actually surprising to hear of a mom and daughter pair that's not partying together, struggling over money, or in court for legal emancipation. Leading the functional pack is Knocked Up star Katherine Heigl. She recently started a production company with her mom, Nancy, and Variety is reporting that they've optioned the rights to Lost & Found, a novel by Jacqueline Sheehan.

The second canine novel adaptation in recent months, it's about a woman named Rocky who drastically changes her life after the death of her husband. She leaves her job as a psychologist, moves to Maine, and becomes, of all things, an Animal Control Warden. The first dog she picks up is a black Lab with an arrow sticking out of his shoulder. Rocky keeps the dog, befriends an anorexic teen and an archery instructor, and tries to figure out the mystery behind the arrow -- which leads to a twist when she figures out the dog's previous owner. I hope that doesn't mean her new archery instructor friend isn't the dude, because that would be pitifully obvious. There is no word on a screenwriter, or whether the actress will take on the lead role herself. I imagine that decision will have a lot to do with schedules and strikes. If you're a fan rabbid for more Katherine, she's still got Grey's Anatomy, as well as that upcoming romcom, 27 Dresses, which premieres next year.
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