Did you ever see Mars Attacks!? Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker's head was put on the body of her little chihuahua, pretty much making her the brainy alien's pet? We're about to get something similar, but probably without the intricate surgery. Variety reports that New Regency has picked up a comedy pitch called Pets, that Scooby Doo and Dawn of the Dead writer James Gunn will write and direct, working with Red Hour producers Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld, and Jeremy Kramer. The comedy focuses on a guy who is abducted by aliens and turned into their household pet. What sort of pet remains to be seen -- will he be put on a leash and taken for walks, or is he free to spend the day cleaning himself and chasing after stuffed mice?

It should be comfortable territory for Gunn, between his past with talking dogs, and the fact that he got his start doing strange flicks for Troma -- his first film was the tres-weird Tromeo and Juliet. He also wrote and acted in the alternative to Mystery Men, The Specials, which pretty much went nowhere. One of his co-stars was actually his brother Sean (Kirk from Gilmore Girls), who played an "Alien Orphan." And, for one final bit of trivia -- James and Sean are the namesakes behind Joss Whedon's Angel character, Gunn.
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