Having been named the resident Sex and the City expert for Cinematical, Erik just asked me to write up this news biggie -- the first big plot point about the story! Yes, as it says above, someone is pregnant in the Big Apple, and no, it's none of the men, although that would've been a great fantastical spin on things. Now, I won't say who it is until I get to the next paragraph, but if you're ticked that we've already said someone is pregnant, well -- you will find out before the movie comes out because you're going to see it in images, trailers, and every other bit of buzz that comes well before the movie ever gets released. Yes, they tried in vain to hide Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnancy for that half year, but anyone who has seen the show knows that was a disaster -- putting a tiny pregnant woman in a pink, sheer negligee doesn't hide anything.

(Mild Spoilers Ahead -- if you couldn't already tell...) So, who is this lucky lady? A reader named Jessica over at AICN happened to spot a scene involving two of the movie's stars, and even got a cell phone picture as proof. The captured scene features Big, but no, the other isn't Carrie -- we saw a set picture the other day that had her as thin as can be. Is Miranda having another kid and giving herself yet another thing to rip her out of her metropolitan world and make her a soccer mom? Naw. Would Samantha actually dare ruin her great figure, especially after she just got over cancer? Naw. Yes, that leaves Kristin Davis, who is going to add a little brother or sister to their family (which first saw an adopted child from overseas at the end of the series). There goes my wishes to have Charlotte go nuts about more than just babies. For the specifics of the scene, and a peek at the picture, head over to AICN. (And yes, that's another picture from the set up there. Click the picture to go to the full shot.)
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