The exotic far-Eastern nation of Singapore has never been a significant player in the international film community. In fact, according to IMDB, only 278 films or TV shows have EVER been made there, all together, since the dawn of cinema. Hollywood churns out more than that in a month, and that's only counting romantic comedies.

But Variety reports that Singapore has submitted a film for consideration for next year's Best Foreign-Language Oscar category: 881, a musical comedy set in the world of "getai." Our friend Wikipedia tells us that getai is a boisterous live stage performance full of gaudy costumes and kitschy, crude jokes. (I'm sure I have oversimplified, but if we have any Singaporean readers, perhaps they can tell us more about it in the comments.) The film, directed by Royston Tan, has been a huge hit locally since opening Aug. 9.

This is only the second time that Singapore has ever submitted a film for the Oscars. The last time was two years ago, when Be with Me was entered ... and then disqualified for being mostly in English. Doh!
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