Apologies for the late posting this week. All I'll say is that it was due to events involving over-the-counter pain killers, Indian cough syrup, and pepper spray. Or maybe that's just something I stole from an upcoming movie synopsis. Guess you'll never know, unless you're big into synopses. Either way, congratulations to our Mr. Woodcock winners from last week's contest listed below. Being so congratulatory all the time is boring, though, so I'd like to call out last week's worst caption as well: "These captions are never funny." Not only was it totally non-constructive, but the captioner didn't even use double quotes around it (I added for effect).

Mr. Woodcock1. "Have you heard of The Shins? Listen to this song, it'll change your life." -- Philip G.

2. "Jock itch. You?" -- Todd G.

3. "So... still got that Bull Durham/Nuts About Sports thing going on or am I twenty years too late?" -- Matthew K.

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This week we've got a photo featuring your favorite actress (no matter what you say), Amanda Bynes, in your new favorite sorority comedy (ditto) Sydney White. Not your cup of tea? Than have some fun with it, be funny, and prove last week's worst caption winner wrong. Our three favorite caption writers will win Amanda Bynes-autographed posters and a mini mirror (to look at yourself in front of your new autographed poster, obviously). Good luck!

Sydney White