Though we're still a few months away from the Academy Awards ceremony, folks are itching to wipe off that summer fog and start buzzing about this fall's most anticipated (and Oscar worthy) films. Yup, now is the time studios like to release their "important" flicks -- the kind that feature big-name actors who tackle topics that make you think, make you debate, make you feel good and, occasionally, make you smarter. Right now is the time to get excited -- because once those "For Your Consideration" ads begin crowding your computer screen, and once those end-of-the-year top ten lists start slapping you upside the head, you'll want to run for cover. It's kind of the way I feel about Christmas; one month out it's the sweetest holiday of the year. Once it's over, however, you vow never to look forward to it again.

That being said, Moviefone has gotten the ball rolling with a gallery that takes a look at those early Oscar contenders. Which films are the front-runners for Best Picture? Which actors or actresses have the best chance of walking away with a golden statue come February 28th? A few folks I'm personally stoked to see on that list include John Cusack (who's getting lots of praise for his starring role in the tear-jerker Grace is Gone), Keri Russell (who was absolutely delightful -- and delicious -- in the indie hit Waitress), Casey Affleck (who out-shined Brad Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James and is also about to show-up his brother Ben big time in bro's directorial debut Gone, Baby, Gone) and, of course, how can I leave out the Coen Bros'No Country for Old Men and Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd -- three filmmakers who I'd love to see pick up an Oscar this year. There's plenty more to debate, so head on over to Moviefone to check out the gallery, then come back here and tell us where they went right and where they went so, so wrong.