One of the most surprising performances that came out of the Toronto International Film Festival was Jimmy Tsai's C-Dub in Jessica Yu'sPing Pong Playa'. It was not a stunning or eye-opening look into a dramatic character, but rather a simple account of a guy who loves basketball, but begrudgingly enters the world of ping pong to help out his parents. Tsai is completely at ease on-screen, and seems more like an old, comedic pro than a fresh face who's used to crunching numbers rather than starring in a feature film. Cinematical was lucky enough to have a quick chat with the actor during TIFF about the project, his background, and what's coming down the pike.

Cinematical: How are you enjoying the fest so far?

Jimmy Tsai: It's good, it's good. I mean, I've only got the chance to watch one other film --Juno, the Jason Reitman film. It's really good. Just that one because everything leading up to our screening is just, you know, taking care of little details. But otherwise, it's really cool. I enjoy the vibe here. I heard about people who would literally take off a week, and just come here and watch movies. I was like oh, wow that's pretty cool, people actually do this? And then, when I was waiting in the ticket line, you know, for Juno, the guy sitting next to me was one of those guys. He was watching 3-4 movies every single day for the entire festival. That's like 34 movies in a row ... That's pretty amazing. It's very cool. Cool vibe.