The nameless lead, simply called "Him" (Trond Fausa Aurvaag) of Gone with the Woman is just your average guy. He's the quintessential bachelor, enjoying his space and delighting in the quirks of solitary male life. The harmony of his routine however, which is ironically displayed on his t-shirt, is quickly thrown out the window by the arrival of Marianne (Marian Saastad Ottesen). She just shows up, praising the wonder of silence, yet not understanding that in order to get it, she'd have to be quiet. But he doesn't tell her that, or anything for that matter. He just lets her visit more and more, slowly morphing his life into what she wants it to be.

Instead of communicating with Marianne, he joins the local pool and finds himself closely followed by a man named Glenn (Peter Stormare). Following the advice of Glenn, a number of other sweaty, sauna men, and the addled thoughts in his head, he decides to have sex with her, be there for her, and fall in love with her -- as if it is something you arbitrarily choose to do. But as you can imagine from a woman who chatters on endlessly about the wonders of silence, life with Marianne is anything but normal.