I want this week's trailer park to be a celebration of the strange, a bash of the bizarre. Once again, we are the weird, and where better to start than:

You gotta love that title, and the tagline "the road to salvation is paved with burned out hippies," is pretty cool too. Dexter and Royce need to pay off their drug dealer and dispose of a body quick, but run into trouble when the abandoned drive-in theater they chose for a grave site is being used for a satanic ritual. We've got midgets in medieval armor, gnomes and talking mice too. Nice. I have high hopes for this one, and it goes into limited U.S. release on October 5.. Monika Bartyzel saw Weirdsville at the Toronto International Film Festival and you can read her review here.

Southland Tales
Future cult classic or the next Ishtar? Judging from the trailer it could go either way, but I'm dying to see this. I stumbled across Richard Kelly's previous film Donnie Darko when it hit DVD and absolutely loved it, and like many others I've been waiting for his followup project for some time. Cinematical's James Rocchi reviewed the film in May 2006 after it played at Cannes, but apparently the release version represents a very different cut of the film. Synopsizing Southland Tales is quite a challenge, especially since I've only seen this preview, but apparently Kelly is expanding upon his apocalyptic visions from Donnie Darko. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays an action film star and Sarah Michelle Gellar is his porn star girlfriend who has the best line in the trailer when she says "Scientists are saying that the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted." There appears to be some kind of paranoid conspiracy at work, and I'm getting flashbacks of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and the works of David Lynch.