There's definitely been a lot of Havana on the mind lately, ever since Fidel Castro partially stepped down from his rule over Cuba to try and defeat a myriad of physical ailments. There's been lots of questions about what will happen to Cuba, especially once Castro passes away, and I'm sure there are a lot of investors and developers just itching to get their hands on what would be insanely cheap real estate. However, this isn't a story about how Castro's health is failing, nor about the country's economic concerns -- it's about what would happen if Castro fled his own country as so many of his Cuban people have, for the shores of Florida.

FilmStew has posted a little piece about the film, I Love Miami, and how it is going to screen at the Vistas Latino Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, which runs through the weekend. This is a movie that muses about what would happen to Castro if he went through the whole Cuban-American experience, becoming what filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Padilla calls the "Quixote of American Socialism." With veteran actor Juan Luis Galiardo starring as Fidel, Padilla takes him through the whole ocean journey on a raft, illegally entering the states, and what comes after. I am pretty darned interested in seeing this, especially to wipe the images of Castro as Tony Montana out of my head.
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