Fear not ladies, he's OK! While driving his motorcycle in what appears to be Weehawken, New Jersey, George Clooney and friend Sarah Larson collided with another vehicle they were apparently trying to pass from the right-hand side, so says Variety. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon. Clooney suffered a broken rib and some scrapes, and Larson suffered a broken foot. Ouch. From the looks of it, Clooney sped up to pass a car on the right (something you're not allowed to do in Jersey), with intentions of making a right turn. However, the car beside him crossed into the right lane and collided with Clooney. No word on whether that car, a 1999 Mazda (this is Jersey, George, not Beverly Hills) had its turn signal on.

A spokesman for the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen, New Jersey said Clooney has "a broken rib, it's very painful and it'll take a long time to heal." Currently, Clooney has several films in different stages of production. He'd been shooting Leatherheads back in July (when images surfaced from the set), and according to IMDb he's currently filming the Coen Bros. next film, Burn After Reading. No word on whether either film will be delayed because of the accident (I'm not sure how long it takes for someone to be able to work with a broken rib -- never had one myself). The accident is still under investigation; right now it's a he said/she said sort of thing. Nothing against motorcycles, and the people that drive them, but here in New York folks just do what they want --riding between lanes, swerving in and out of traffic. It gets real annoying. But as long as everyone is fine, and not seriously injured -- that's what really counts. Clooney's next film, Michael Clayton, arrives in theaters next month.

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