So before you get all excited; no, the Weinsteins are not remaking the 1990 Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn action 'classic'. Instead, Varietyreports that the Weinsteins have announced their first joint-production with Exodus Films: the animated family film, Navy Seals. Justin Eick has reportedly signed to pen the script for the CG flick about an elite group of Navy "super dolphins" (and even though they're dolphins, I'm holding out for "frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads") who are captured by some bad guys. Their only hope for escape is a rag-tag group of neighboring seals -- and we're talking actual seals, by the way, flippers and all. Exodus' chief executive was quoted as saying the story was "inspired by the very real heroics that marine mammals have played in the defense of our country." -- which might be a little heavy-handed for a family comedy, don't you think?

The Weinsteins and Exodus first crossed paths when TWC picked up Exodus' first animated feature, Igor. That film is set for release on October 24 and stars John Cusack (as Igor), John Cleese, and Steve Buscemi. Seals will be the first co-production to come out of the partnership that was announced during the Cannes festival earlier this year. Now, both companies will work together as a one-stop shop to develop, produce, and finance a slate of animated films. It's no secret that the Weinsteins have had a rough year when it comes to the bottom line, and so you can't blame TWC for wanting to cover their bets with two animated films. I just hope they're ready for thecompetition.
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