I make no apologies: This flick is a whole lot of good, gory fun. A follow-up to the 2003 Rob Schmidt movie Wrong Turn -- which focused on a bunch of young adults who stumble across some vicious mutant cannibals in the woods of West Virginia -- Wrong Turn 2: Dead End provides a really amusing way for our latest victims to end up in trouble: They're the contestants on a Survivor-style reality series -- and let's just say the program's location scouts were rrrrreally stupid. Because our six contestants (and a few poor producers) are actually tramping around Mutant Cannibal Country ... and things are about to get splattery.

From the opening kill, first-timer Joe Lynch sets the pace quite slickly: This is going to be a fast-paced and energetic hack-'em-up, one that's not even remotely afraid of doling out big buckets of gooey gore. No, it's not a "bleak and disturbing" sort of horror flick, but one that approaches the violence (and the viscera) with a wink, an arched eyebrow, and a solid little elbow in the ribs. Indeed, if there's one major difference between Wrong Turn 2 and its predecessor, it's that the original was pretty darn stone-faced, while the sequel hits the screen with tongue planted firmly in cheek. (But yes, it's still pretty creepy on occasion.)