There might not be any Meat Loaf, but there will be a helping of Jason Bateman in director Kevin Macdonald's State of Play, the upcoming drama that's reuniting Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Variety reports that the actor is going to play one of the key reporters in the drama about the murder of an up-and-coming congressman's (Norton) girlfriend, and a newspaper's investigation of the story. (Pitt plays the politician's manager who starts the paper's investigation.) The film is an adaptation of an award-winning miniseries, and screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom) has whittled the 6 hours down into something we can see on the big screen.

This will be the second script from Carnahan that Bateman tackles, since he's also in The Kingdom, and it's looking like it will be another reprieve from some of his more questionable picks. The ex-Bluth might have some seemingly decent drama on the way, but his last films were the largely-panned Smokin' Aces and The Ex, which flopped better than a tossed-off fish. Unfortunately, it looks like this sine wave will continue -- after the highly-praised Juno(which our Scott Weinberg adored), he's got Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Sure, that flick hasn't come out yet, but considering the fact that I really like everyone involved, yet can't muster up any anticipation after the trailer (although Erik likes it), I'm not expecting too much from it. But regardless, is this what we have to look forward to from Bateman? At least, I guess, there are some high points intermingled with the low ones.
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