I think Warner Bros. is really screwing up by rushing its Justice League of Americamovie, but then, I was never a big DC superhero fan, so I don't care. There are millions of fans who do care, though, and for them I hope the studio doesn't ruin it. After all, there are franchise spin-offs expected, and if a character is badly cast, that hero might unfortunately remain miscast for more movies to come. Sure, some people would love for Smallville's Tom Welling to play Superman in Justice League of America (although, as Erik pointed out before, that probably isn't happening), and even continue in future films, replacing Brandon Routh in Bryan Singer's series. But at least the actor has already proven himself worthy of the part to many fans. What about Wonder Woman, for whom comic geeks have debated the perfect actress for the past few years? Everyone's favorite Amazon will not likely be played by Charisma Carpenter or Katie Holmes or Eva Green or Nadia Bjorlin or Megan Fox or Sophia Bush or Jessica Biel or Rachel Bilson or Katherine McPhee or Priyanka Chopra. However it could be the very beautiful and very much unknown (in the U.S.) Victoria Hill.

According to Moviehole, the Australian actress has tested for the role. It makes sense now that Aussie director George Miller is officially on board, since he plans to shoot the thing Down Under, and would benefit from having a local cast. Although Americans may not recognize her, Hill can currently be seen in the limitedly released December Boys (aka the movie in which Daniel Radcliffe isn't Harry Potter). She was also seen (nude) by a few people earlier this year in Geoffrey Wright's updated Macbeth. Fans of Xena: Warrior Princesswho want to check the actress out can break out their Season 6 set and view her in two episodes. Of course, you might want to hold off on holding your own audition of the actress (by way of her past work), because she hasn't actually been cast as Wonder Woman just yet -- she's only tested for it, which could mean nothing.
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