The Midnight Movies DVD series has returned with a vengeance, with a dozen releases -- most of which are double features -- just now hitting stores. I'm frankly stoked to see some of these obscure gems, like the Tales From the Crypt/Vault of Horror set (a pair of British flicks based on the same comics as the HBO Crypt series) and Devils of Darkness/Witchcraft (the latter of which is a rare flick from late in Lon Chaney's career). For the purposes of this review I'm going with Chosen Survivors/The Earth Dies Screaming, a pair of apocalyptic science fiction horror tales from 1974 and 1965 respectively.

Chosen Survivors has the distinction of being the first PG rated movie I ever saw in a theater. I was 11 at the time, and while I remembered some of the film's details and that it had kind of a cool premise, I honestly don't recall liking or disliking it. Despite a reasonably high profile cast and a respectable budget, I never saw it on television (and trust me, I look for such things), and though it probably made its way onto VHS, that escaped me as well. This release marks the film's DVD debut, and my first chance to see it again in 33 years.