Imagine musical reunification from the likes of A Mighty Wind, add in some traveling entertainment, perhaps like the upcoming Walk Hard, and top it off with a little soul. What do you get? Soul Men. Variety has reported that, believe it or not, Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac have signed on to star in the musical comedy. Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone, who penned Intolerable Cruelty, wrote the feature, which is about two men who used to be backup soul singers who were part of a famous group. They haven't been in contact with each other for 20 years, but when the band leader dies, they agree to reunite and travel together for a tribute reunion tour.

That's right -- Jackson will be singing and dancing right along with Mac, and it looks like they're going to do it to songs from the Stax Records catalog (unless that will just be background music). This is probably the last thing that I ever thought the Pulp Fiction star would be involved with, especially since Mac's starring flicks don't work half as well as his ensemble stints (Guess Who -vs- the Ocean's series). Nevertheless, we'll soon see him belting out the tunes and being wacky with Mac. While I'd like to see Jackson singing on-stage, I'm not so sure about this whole plan. How about you? Are you ready for Sam and Bernie, the soul singers?
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