Although it was made forty years before I was born, Topper has remained one of my favorite, beloved movies over the years. A fun-loving and reckless couple, Marion and George Kirby, are killed in a car accident, but left on earth as ghosts. They decide to haunt Cosmo Topper, the stuffy president of the bank they were stockholders at, and loosen him up -- which throws a wrench in his marriage to the equally-stuffy Clara Topper. Now it seems that Sean Young wants to revive the story, but she isn't having much luck.

The Sun reports that she has been trying to get in touch with George Clooney to remake the classic, claiming: "I think our chemistry would match very well, and I'd give him a run for his money." This is just the latest stint in her push to make it back to the A-list, as she told Cinematical at Comic-Con, and I guess if that's your goal, there is no better guy to get in touch with than George. Unfortunately, Clooney isn't biting: "If he would just return my call and give me a shot, that could be really great."

Doubly unfortunately, I guess she hasn't heard that Adam Shankman is already trying to remake the film, although that project dates all the way back to 2003, so who knows if it will ever get off the ground? Honestly though, I'd much rather have the spotlight-yearning Young's plan, than the other, which would star Steve Martin. I love the comedian a lot, but he just doesn't have that Cary Grant vibe, and I'm sure it would be just as disappointing as The Pink Panther. But Clooney... While I have very little interest in seeing a Topper remake, he could sway me.
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