Zombies continue to be the place to be. They're hotter than vamps and werewolves combined. Heck, they're almost more popular than tales of LiLo and drugs. In just the past year, we've had talk of zombies that span both the globe and cinematic themes. There's Grecian zombies. Grindhouse zombies. Funny servant zombies. An American Zombie. Corbin Bernson-directed zombies. And, of course, someone would have to revolutionize the theme at some point. Then there's zombies hunted by Tyrese. Remake zombies. Flying zombies. Afghani zombies. And, we can't forget the sequel zombies. Now we're getting Irish zombies.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Dark Sky Films, a distribution company for genre films, has started production on their first original feature -- Plague Town. The flick is about a "dysfunctional family that goes on vacation and discovers an even more dysfunctional Irish town full of zombies." Principal photography got underway this week in Connecticut, with a cast that includes Josslyn DeCrosta, Erica Rhodes, David Lombard, Lindsay Goranson, Elizabeth Bov Or is it Bove?), and James Warke (who might want to change his screen name considering what a Google search brings up).

The undead fest is being directed by writer/director David Gregory, who has a whopping 90 projects to his name -- mainly behind-the-scenes doc work from high-profile films like Evil Dead and The Deer Hunter to shorts about those saucy Emmanuelle movies.

Additional link: Check out Bloody Disgusting for some press release info.
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