Well, here we go again; talk of another X-Files film seemed to be the movie gossip that refused to die this summer. But for the faithful, it's all finally coming together. Movieweb recently interviewedDavid Duchovny about the release of the DVD for The TV Set (Jake Kasdan) when the actor decided to drop a little bomb. Duchovny told Movieweb, "the script [for X-Files 2] is written and as far as I know we're all trying to shoot in December at some point." Sure, there had been some vaguepromises before, but this latest announcement is the first time anyone has heard of a start date for the production. News of the sequel began to heat up when Agent Scully herself, Gillian Anderson, had discussed the possibility on her personal web site back in May. The last time Duchovny had commented on the film was back in July, but he had remained relatively tight-lipped on many of the details involved.

Duchovny has just finished work on Vincent Perez's film, The Secret, and Gillian Anderson will soon begin shooting How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. After that, both stars will have two big empty spots in their schedules, just in time for December. Duchovny requested that fans try and contain themselves and, "keep it a secret and just give everybody a fresh experience of not knowing what the movie's about" -- staying true to form, there was not much he could add beyond confirming that yes, the script is complete and they are ready and willing to start production. Even though it is not exactly the most detailed information, when it comes to X-Files, I think most fans will take what they can get. Stay tuned for updates as they come our way.
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