Before anyone gets too excited, I should clarify: Jerry Bruckheimer will not be remaking the classic anime Battle of The Planets. Varietyreports that Gabriel Casseus (Black Hawk Down) has joined the cast of G-Force, a mix of live action and CGI about "a group of genetically enhanced animal commandos trying to prevent an evil billionaire from taking over the world. Casseus will play an NSA agent who is trying to track down the commandos". The actor has also already sold his script for the action film, Bone Deep, which he will produce and, additionally will take a stab at directing the horror-comedy Boyz in the Wood (and it might just be me, but that sounds awfully similar to the 'urban horror' flick Tales from The Hood released back in 1995).

Bruckheimer has been working on the family-friendly action flick since 2004, but his previous engagements -- mainly Pirates of The Caribbean sequels -- have kept the mega-producer bus for the last few years. Now it looks like G-Force is getting the green light for a Summer 2009 release (previous reports even had Disney putting the brakes on the third installment of Narnia to focus on the action flick instead). Already signed to direct G-Force is Hoyt Yeatman, a Visual Effects Supervisor, who will make his directorial debut. Yeatman is an Oscar winner who has worked on everything from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to the Underdog update released back in August. G-Force is scheduled for release on May 1st, 2009.

*Correction: Image has been updated.
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