Yesterday, our Christopher Campbell shared rumors that an Australian actress was in talks to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League of America flick. While he said it probably wouldn't be Jessica Biel, Warner Brothers wasn't listening. Variety has reported that the former 7th Heaven actress is going to put on the powerful accessories and become the famous Amazonian superheroine who flies around in invisible jets and golden-lassos bad guys -- that is, if talks don't go sour. Methinks she won't let them.

First of all, she did Blade: Trinity, so why in the heck wouldn't she want to do this? I bet it has a better shot at being loved, as long as the rush to finish it pre-strike doesn't make it crappy. If she does a good job, it would also help solidify her career, which is growing -- but hasn't had that solid hit, or prominent role, to keep her professional future secure. Finally, this could potentially lead to another film role -- I imagine if she can handle Wonder Woman, the feature film that Joss Whedon walked away from might start cooking up once again.

I have to say, I don't completely hate Biel for the role. That being said, I'm still going to mourn the fact that it isn't Charisma Carpenter. Sure, she got a lot of buzz having worked with Whedon before, but man, she definitely fits the part, and has some action scene fighting experience to boot. Oh well, at least it isn't Katie Holmes!
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