His latest movie, Sydney White, only debuted in the number six spot at the box office over the weekend, but Joe Nussbaum already has his next movie lined up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director will helm B.F.F., which was written by Sydney scribe Chad Creasey and his wife, Sydney co-producer Dara Resnik Creasey. The plot involves a boy and girl who meet in high school, become "B.F.F." (best friends forever) and eventually fall in love. Sounds like another sweet teen movie, right? Well, yes, it sounds like that, but apparently the movie, which could be nicknamed "Four Proms and a Funeral" based on THR's given synopsis, will be intended as an R-rated comedy in the tradition of American Pieand, of course, Superbad. In the career of Nussbaum, this does make some sense. After making his Hollywood debut with the innocent teen movie Sleepover, he made the DTV sequel American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. Then he came back with the innocent with Sydney White and now is going raunchy again. It could be a pattern. We'll see, though I'm not sure where his breakout short spoof George Lucas in Lovewould fit in.

More than anything, B.F.F. reminds me of Whatever It Takes, which I only found funny because James Franco played a character with my name. I guess that wasn't the first or only movie to be about co-ed best friends who finally fall in love, but I guess B.F.F.'s prom thing made me think of WIT's own It's a Wonderful Life-ripped-off prom dance scene. Anyway, if Nussbaum can cross that movie with Superbad, it might not be so terrible. Okay, yeah, it will probably be really awful. But I bet it will make more money than Sydney White, which has so far taken home just over $5 million, which is still better than Sleepover's opening gross of just over $4 million.
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