I really don't get the appeal of being, or wanting your kids to be, a big star and celebrity -- well, besides the greed. Essentially, these kids give up most of their childhood, start working at a very young age, lose most of the benefits of a private life out of the spotlight, and have to try and figure out who they are while continually getting buzzed up and knocked down. They usually head from great young careers into varying degrees of adult turmoil and image-shedding. Nevertheless, there's always the new, fresh young things. This time around, it's the Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, who are already doing better than their predecessors, those awkward Hansons.

First, there is their music, a concert special next month, and an upcoming spy comedy TV show for Disney, called J.O.N.A.S. (Junior Operatives Networking as Spies) -- which could very well become a feature if it's popular. Topping that off,The Hollywood Reporter has posted that they're also working on a music movie called Camp Rock. The flick is currently filming in Toronto, and could very well be the next High School Musical. It stars the brothers as members of a group called Connect 3, and they're "celebrity guest counselors at a prestigious summer camp for aspiring musicians." It's also kind of like the musical Cinderella -- this young girl wants to spend her time at the camp, but can only be there if she works the kitchen. One of the pop stars hears her voice, and he sets out on a mission to figure out who she is.

Helmed by Matthew Diamond, the music feature will air on the Disney Channel next summer. President of entertainment at the channel, Gary Marsh says: "This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to... launch them into the stratosphere..." Let's hope they know how to survive in the next layer of the Earth's atmosphere.
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