Nothing makes me feel at home at Fantastic Fest like a cute Korean animated movie about a futuristic world powered by excrement, where tiny blue mutants with diapers on their heads are threatening to take over the world in pursuit of addictive popsicles. I looked forward to seeing Aachi and Ssipak just for the weirdness factor, and I wasn't disappointed.

Aachi and Ssipak is set in a world where the source of energy is poop -- from humans -- and citizens are encouraged to contribute as much as possible, to the point where everyone has a chip installed in the pertinent location. People who give most are rewarded with Juicy Bars, a drug in popsicle form that turns out to be addictive -- those who consume too many turn into the child-sized blue mutants of The Diaper Gang. The government "Chief" has commissioned a super-cyborg cop to thwart the Diaper Gang's attempts to steal as many Juicy Bars as possible.
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