Finally, we get to see what the whole clan is looking like for the big-screen adaptation of Sex and the City, courtesy of the peeps over at Coming Soon. Of course, they wouldn't look extremely different -- over the years the friends have polished up a little, but generally kept their usual look -- based on each of their characters. Charlotte is the simple lady in white -- classy, a little retro, and symbolically virginal. Carrie is the funky, wild, and sort of spastic fashion gal who follows the trends, no matter how questionable they might be. Miranda is the natural-tones, down-to-earth gal, who slips into dresses just as easily as jeans. And finally, saucy, minxy Samantha is once again sporting the deep, fiery red.

None of them seem to have developed back problems yet, from their rampant use of stilettos, and their day look is still a heck of a lot fancier than most of my friends dress for special occasions. However, while the picture doesn't say much, it does hint at the time line of the feature. You might remember the picture spoilers I shared recently -- they are not at all present this time around. So, unless normal body science doesn't apply, this is either well before the other picture, or well after it.
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