Variety is reporting that Jennifer Aniston will team up with Aaron Eckhart for a new drama called Traveling. In it, Aniston will play "a floral designer who works in a Seattle hotel where a charismatic self-help guru (Eckhart, I presume) is conducting a weekend seminar on coping with grief." As the two get closer, Aniston's character helps the guru, a widower who hasn't fully dealt with his wife's death, realize he's not practicing what he preaches. I'd imagine there's a lot of crying and hugging. That description isn't exactly setting off fireworks in my brain, but you never know. The film will be the directorial debut of Brandon Camp, who wrote the screenplay with Mike Thompson. Camp and Thompson also wrote the Kevin Costner vehicle Dragonfly, also about dealing with the loss of a wife.

I feel like Aniston is a pretty limited actress, but when she gets a role in her comfort zone, I dig her. I think she's solid in any film where she's playing an unsatisfied or unhappy women. Think The Good Girl, The Break-Up, Friends with Money, and the American classic known as Office Space. If she's in straight-up romantic comedies I can give or take her. I still remember the first time I saw Eckhart, in Neil LaBute's vicious, nasty, wonderful In the Company of Men. I thought he was so excellent in that, and it's been interesting watching Hollywood try to wedge him into leading man roles when he's really better suited to be a character actor. I guess he's just a bit too attractive. It's the same way with Mark Ruffalo, whenever I see him in something like the atrocious Rumor Has It, I just cringe, because everyone involved seems to know that's not what he should be doing. Anyway, I'm rambling. Think you'll be Traveling to see this new one?

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