You might have heard of an upcoming indie film called Little Chenier -- it's screenwriter and producer Bethany Ashton Wolf's directorial debut about two brothers, Beauxregard (Johnathon Schaech) and Pemon (Frederick Koehler), who try to make ends meet in the Louisiana bayou. It's been touring the festival circuit and picking up awards in Park City and Phoenix. According to Film Stew, the feature is going into limited release in December, and there's a website you can check out before it hits cities like New Orleans and New York.

The release will be an eerie event, beyond the somber tone of the film (which you can see in the two trailers available on their site). The town that inspired the name of the movie, Little Chenier, was completely obliterated by Hurricane Rita, the storm that followed Katrina's devastation in 2005. It no longer exists, and this film is what remains. On the website, you can see before and after pictures of some of the destroyed filming locations, as well as information about the organization she founded with her brother Jace (who wrote the story that the film is based on), to help (Rita Remembered).

While we're sometimes faced with the notion that we could lose our home, do we ever fathom the idea that we could lose our entire town? It sounds like this film is worth it -- from the awards and positive reviews to its transformation from indie drama to a movie with historical significance. And, to boot, there's a great cast -- co-stars include Clifton Collins Jr. and Chris Mulkey.
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