With the men in place -- Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Jason Bateman (who was added just the other day) -- State of Play has finally gotten to its female stars. They are: Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, and Robin Wright Penn. How do they fit in? Well, as you might remember, Play is about a congressman (Norton) whose lover is murdered, and a newspaper that is investigating the story. McAdams is the "reporter in the middle of a career-making story," Mirren will be her "steely editor" (played in the original miniseries by Bill Nighy), and finally, Wright Penn will be the congressman's estranged wife. Pitt is an ex-campaign manager for Norton's character who leads the investigation, and Bateman is a fellow lead reporter.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that this will do well -- it's a great cast without being so star-studded that it drowns in its own celebrity. Step by step, Rachel McAdams is solidifying her spot in fame -- and it's surprising to see just how few big films she's been in. Instead of just picking whatever (as seems to be Bateman's plan), she's been spacing out the work and selecting certain roles, which seem to be paying off. Next up for her: a period drama called Married Life. Helen Mirren, well, she's been taking the world by storm lately, and proving that women shouldn't be put out to pasture after hitting 40 or 50 -- even though, for some reason, she decided to take part in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. And finally, there's Robin Wright Penn, who has kept under the radar for the most part, but selects a pretty varied collection of films from The Singing Detective to Hounddog. In less than two months, we'll see her in Beowulf.
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