So it's no big surprise that the 1966 sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage is headed for a remake. Back in August, Scott had given us the news that Roland Emmerich had signed to not only produce, but direct a big-budget update for 20th Century Fox. Empire Online recently sat down with Emmerich to chat about what he might have planned for his update. As it turns out, it's still going to be the same story about a team of scientists who are miniaturized and then injected into a dying man to save his life -- but with a few minor changes. Emmerich tells Empire, " I said why have you put this in the future? I said let this happen now. It's so much more cool and fun when we can say to a normal person from now, 'well we're going to make you microscopic and put you in some submarine which we will shrink down and you have to do this stuff inside a body.'"

As it turns out, Emmerich was attached to the film fifteen years ago, but later abandoned it to work on other projects. Later on, action heavyweight James Cameron had drafted a script, but according to Empire, Emmerich has since toned down some of the 'rah-rah' militarism in Cameron's version. Emmerich also lost Cameron's idea of an extra 'submarine' that Emmerich dismissed as being, " a Navy SEALS film". The bad news is that now The Wibberleys (Marianne and Cormac) are in charge of the re-write, and they are responsible for some truly lackluster flicks. Emmerich is currently wrapping up production on his latest epic, 10,000 BC, and Fox has plenty of films lined up before the strike hits, so I doubt Voyage will be receiving the rush treatment any time soon.
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