Yesterday, Sydney White director Joe Nussbaum left the following comment on our review of his film:

Ms. Voynar, my name is Joe Nussbaum and I directed Sydney White. I fully respect your opinions about the film. I just wanted to let you know one thing. As a novel approach, the extras casting directors on the movie used real student groups as extras. The marching band is a real college marching band, the ROTC real ROTC, the a capella group, etc. One of the groups of college kids who did a wonderful job helping us out was the University of Central Florida Jewish Student Union. Granted, they were not Hasidic Jews, but they were a Jewish group who I chose to wardrobe as Hasidim in order for the quick identification. I totally respect that you thought this was a bad choice. What I don't appreciate is your attack on the women of the UCF JSU as being "fat and uniformly unattractive." I hope that none of them read this blog. They are who they are (I happen to think they were neither fat nor unattractive - I also spent more time with them than you have as my wife and I had our Passover Seder with them). Perhaps you would have preferred that I had cast models.

I decided to respond to Mr. Nussbaum here on the site, in the hopes of opening up some debate on the issue of stereotyping in films. My response is after the jump ... feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments.
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