Get ready for the next religious flick to potentially stir up some controversy -- Variety reports that Drew Heriot has been tapped to helm his feature debut, The Aquarian Gospel, which just happens to be a story about the missing years of Jesus, from ages 13 to 30. (Hey, is that where they get the idea for 13 Going on 30?) You might not recognize Heriot by name, but you've definitely heard of his work. He directed the documentary The Secret, which is, yes, THAT secret. In case you've been living under a rock -- it's the self-help movement about positive thinking that has taken North America by storm.

As for the film, which was written by John F. Sullivan and William Keenan, it is inspired by two books about this missing bit of time -- Levi Dowling's The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, and Nicholas Notovich's The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. The film will follow the religious icon as he travels through India, Tibet, Greece, Egypt, and other locales, as he encounters historical and religious figures. The plan is to use actors from these areas along with cameos by current spiritual leaders.

What sort of claims does the Aquarian Gospel make? Well, it says Jesus was conceived by a human father, that he wasn't Christ until he made himself a "fit vessel," and that reincarnation is real -- souls are settling past life debts until they become perfect and end the cycle. Hmm... I wonder how the ever-growing population fits into that. Maybe Jesse was right and we are just fractions of people.
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