The last remake of Italian cinema I can think of was 2006's The Last Kiss -- and I don't think I was alone in my dislike of that particular flick. But, for most die-hard fans of international cinema, anything that Hollywood can come up with is usually a disappointment. Variety reports that Universal is planning on an English-language remake of La scorta (The Supply). They have already signed Danish director, Asger Leth, and have brought on Peter Craig to write the script. Leth has only directed one other film so far, the documentary Ghosts of Cité Soleil, about two brothers who are leaders of The Secret army of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristrade. Craig has just finished the script for The Town, a romantic comedy with Adrian Lyne attached to direct and an adaptation of his own novel, Hot Plastic, for Radar and Maguire Entertainment. Plastic focuses on the origins of identity theft and the relationship between a father and son. This seems to be a speciality for Craig, since most of his books are centered on family relationships and criminal enterprises.

The scorta update will closely follow the original story "...of four policemen assigned to guard a special prosecutor trying to bring mob bosses to justice. His predecessor was blown away along with a bodyguard. The four guards are conflicted about their jobs and frustrated as they watch government insiders thwart the lawman at every turn". The film was originally released in Italy back in 1993 and was directed by Ricky Tognazzi. The story was inspired by the murder of Judge Giovanni Falcone, a dedicated anti-mafia crusader, who was later murdered along with his wife and three bodyguards in a 350-kg dynamite explosion placed beneath the motorway from Palermo Airport to Palermo. There is no word on a cast yet, but as soon as Craig gets a handle on his script, I would expect to hear something sooner rather than later.
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