We've already told you about the Wes Anderson-directed short film Hotel Chevalier, which is apparently a prequel of sorts to his soon-to-be-released feature film The Darjeeling Limited. We also told you how the short would not be screening alongside the feature when it hits theaters in limited release this weekend, and then we also told you how the short would be available on iTunes, instead, for folks who want to watch it now. Good news everyone -- you can finally watch it ... now. Yup, Hotel Chevalier is currently up on iTunes, as a free download (bonus!), and, yes, Natalie Portman takes off the clothes for the first time (without a body double, I believe). Since that's all anyone seems to care about (I like Portman, but I always feel like I'm watching a 14-year-old girl trying to look 28), I figured -- heck, why not draw attention to the fact.

Me? I'm not watching the short just yet. Tomorrow morning I need to get up at the ass crack of dawn and make my way into the city for a New York Film Festival screening of The Darjeeling Limited, with a Q&A to follow featuring Anderson and members of the cast. Thus, because it's a festival screening, Hotel Chevalier will show before the feature. And, well, I'd rather watch it up on the big screen than on my computer monitor. But I understand that not everyone can attend the NYFF screenings of Darjeeling, and so I'm happy iTunes made the short available for those who want to see it prior to watching the feature. That said, I can't tell you if the short is good or if Portman's nudity was well worth all the hoopla. But I can say that, regardless of the negative reviews, I'm really looking forward to The Darjeeling Limited. I dig Anderson, I like his quirky sense of humor, and so if I can somehow get into that particular headspace at 10 in the morning, then I hope to enjoy the flick. Feel free to watch the short, then come back here and tell us what you thought. Does Portman still look barely legal, or is she starting to show her age?