It looks like Tim Allen, otherwise known as Henry Lefay, has found his second, and err...umm... fourth wife. (This one got a repeat performance!) The Hollywood Reporter has posted that The Six Wives of Henry Lefay has finally finished its cast with Darma herself -- Jenna Elfman. The movie, which started shooting in Connecticut this week, is about a man (Allen) whose wife and ex-wives fight over his will when they think that he's dead. Elfman's character is the "small-town diva" wife. Since they range in ages from 25 to 55, you can imagine what sorts of jokes the flick will likely use.

Elisha Cuthbert, who will play Allen's daughter, told Cinematical about the feature back in June, and THR followed suit with most of the wives in August. They are: Andie MacDowell, Paz Vega (Spanglish), Kelli Garner (Thumbsucker), and S. Epatha Merkerson (Law & Order). Considering the fact that there's only five, I don't know why the flick, written and directed by Howard Michael Gould, couldn't be called The Five Wives of Henry Lefay. Is this supposed to be funny and quirky, like that whole "Happyness" title?

Seeing that they make sure to mention that Cuthbert's character doesn't marry, and IMDb lists one other person on the cast -- Eric Christian Olsen (The Last Kiss) -- I'm thinking he's her love interest. You know -- the father is so very dysfunctional (especially if he's only assumed to be dead) that she has to figure out if she can handle a real, long-term relationship. Or, maybe I'm wrong and he's a gardener, a step son, or something else.
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