We have a few more updates as the nations of the world (well, the ones with film industries, anyway) announce their candidates for the Academy Awards' foreign-language category. Today it's Sweden, India, and Bangladesh.

Sweden's choice is You, the Living (Du levande), an odd, poetic comedy from Roy Andersson about ... dissatisfaction? Boredom? I'm not sure. Monika Bartyzel pointed out the film's odd teaser trailer back in March, observing that it didn't reveal much about the film. Glancing at reviews of it, it's still hard to tell. (Need I point out that Sweden is the home of Ingmar Bergman?) Sweden has earned an Oscar nomination 14 times and has won three of them.

India, on the other hand -- despite producing more films per year than even the United States and having the largest movie-going audience in the world -- has only gotten an Oscar nomination three times and has never won. The country's submission this year is Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Eklavya: The Royal Guard, a period piece that was something of a flop in its native land. (Then again, how often are America's Best Picture winners huge box office successes?)

Finally, we come to India's neighbor Bangladesh, which has never secured an Oscar nomination -- though to be fair, they've only submitted a film three times, all within the past six years. Their entry this year is On the Wings of Dreams (Swopnodanay), by first-time director Golam Rabbany Biplob. The film, a lighthearted story about a poor man who thinks he's rich after finding foreign currency in a pair of second-hand pants, has played at a handful of festivals, including Toronto.
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