You've gotta wonder what happens when you get bitten and are given the blood lust. Being a vampire must be hard, between the lack of sun, figuring out the new powers, and having to hunt for your food all the time since there's no all-night butchers or buy-by-the-pint blood banks. It's not all vixens and Anne Rice-like eroticism (before she got all churchy). Variety reports that Russell Mulcahy, the director of Resident Evil: Extinction, will head a feature adaptation of Steven-Elliot Altman's Zen in the Art of Slaying Vampires.

The book focuses on a guy who is turned into a vampire when he and his lover are attacked in New York City. She dies, and he spends his new life as a vamp trying to ignore his blood instincts through Zen meditation. He becomes a part of "The Ministry," an underground group warring with the vampires -- who are also willing to kill him if he messes up. Basically, it's Angel on the big screen with some more Zen love and not as many years under the protagonist's belt.

The adaptation is being written by Altman himself, so fans can expect a film full of the writer's intention. And, since violent games are all the rage, a video game for the movie is also being created. But who will lead the feature once it slips into production? Will Brad Pitt revisit the troubled yearning for blood? Will David Boreanaz bring his inner vamp to the big screen?
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