You've got to admire both the acting chops and sass of Samantha Morton. The two-time Oscar nominee has wowed audiences with films like Sweet and Lowdon and In America, and she's also notorious for speaking her mind, rather than passively navigating through her work as a demure, lip-biting actress. True to form, she spoke her mind during an interview with Chrissy Iley for The Guardian. When the interview starts with a drama club story about a young Morton taking improv too far -- "He whispered, 'The other girl's stolen your hamster.' So I beat the crap out of this girl and they didn't ask me back." -- you know this isn't your everyday actor.

The interview covers a lot of ground -- her personal life and pregnancy, her background and noted roles, current work like Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York, and a funny story about asking Tom Cruise for a hand during Minority Report. Morton also gives her two cents about celebrity actresses hunting for Oscar roles: "Movie star actors have their people look at Oscar-worthy films for them. They are looking for that nomination, which is more likely to come in a lower-budget film. The directors of those films might have been in touch with people like myself, or maybe Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, or Maggie Gyllenhaal, before they've got a producer. You meet the director a few times, develop a rapport... and before you know it they have Nicole Kidman doing your film because they've said to the director, 'You can have $50m if you have her.'"

Considering that, I can't help but wonder what some other films would be like if celebrity actresses never took them. What if Nicole Kidman wasn't around for Moulin Rouge! or The Hours? What if Renee Zellweger didn't have time for Bridget Jones or Chicago? Take any of the big, award-winning movies -- would they be as good with someone else? And, if you could cast someone a little off the A-list, who would it be?