Being a nanny isn't all about breaking down the fiendish, devil of a child. Nor is it all about Mr. and Mrs. X and spy cameras in teddy bears. Sometimes, or most of the time, they're just people who help moms raise their kids. Variety now reports that Universal Pictures is getting into the nanny biz with Marcy Kaplan's comedy pitch: Replacing the Nanny. Like any good comedy, there needs to be some turmoil to throw its characters into funny situations, but this time around, it's trouble coming out of respect.

Coming from Kaplan's personal experiences (she's the mother of twin girls), Nanny centers on a new mom who finds the perfect nanny, but then has to replace her. Kaplan says: "I can only write what I know, and I think that the bizarre relationship that we develop with nannies is something that is relatable to a lot of mothers." Well, a lot of lucky mothers who are wealthy enough for a nanny, that is. Or, maybe it will also tap into the experiences of moms who find the perfect babysitter.

This isn't the first time the writer has used her personal experiences -- she wrote The Pre-Nup, a short flick about a woman whose wedding is challenged by a 102-page pre-nup, which came from her own marriage to manager Eric Gold, who executive produced it with her. While Kaplan hopes to star in a feature film based on her short, she has no plans to act in Replacing the Nanny. Instead, she's writing it for a specific actress she wouldn't name. Who could it be?
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